We transform human stories into impactful media that touches the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide.

We are more than just a media creative house; we are a thriving creative playground where artists, content creators, musicians, and filmmakers come together to bring their visions to life. Our mission is to be enablers and inspirers, empowering you to reach new heights in your career through professional, accessible, and innovative creative projects. 



Meet The Team


Nadim Khawaja - The Maestro of Connections and Cultural Awareness

Boasting a robust background in the sectors of finance and accounting, Nadim Khawaja enriches our team at Memorisica with his acute commercial insight. Yet, it's his profound leadership contributions within a variety of religious institutions that truly distinguish his profile. Nadim possesses an exceptional capacity to engage with individuals from an array of backgrounds, promoting a work culture that is not only inclusive but also empowering at Memorisica.

Leveraging his deep-rooted understanding of cultural sensitivities, Nadim adeptly navigates the complex landscapes of the creative industry. He is instrumental in facilitating strategic alliances, thereby enabling our projects to ascend to unprecedented levels of success.

Away from the realm of business management, Nadim indulges his artistic side within the sphere of film editing.


Maciej Sonski - The Maverick of Innovation and Boundless Creativity

Meet the visionary artist and boundary-pusher, Maciej Sonski. His passion for media production knows no bounds, demonstrated by his portfolio of experimental films that redefine artistic expression. Maciej's deep-rooted curiosity for technology drives him to explore uncharted territories, finding novel ways to bring human stories to life on the screen. Within the halls of Memorisica, Maciej's creative soul breathes life into every project, infusing them with an unmistakable touch of innovation.

When he's not engrossed in the world of media, Maciej is often found exploring new landscapes through the lens of his camera, capturing the essence of untold stories.